Occasionally I feel the urge to write something. It can be about whatever strikes me at that moment.

Reality and Photography

There’s a long-standing controversy about whether photography (and this is especially true of landscape photography) should be a faithful representation of what the photographer actually saw...

Earth Day: passing on the love

On this 51st birthday of Earth Day and the 2nd birthday of Nature First, the alliance for responsible nature photography, I look back on how my reverance for nature was passed on to me by my p...

The Violence of Spring

The soft tender colours and textures that we associate with spring, lead us to believe that the season emerges gently, softly. In reality, the world is filled with a sense of urgency to grow a...

The Craziness

What happened to my beliefs in the innate goodness of people? Was it just youthful naivety What's going on? Is there still hope?

Photography and Reality

My morning view today is of phragmite plumes, backlit by the sun, moving in the breeze, and sparkling gold and silver from the dew. Against the darkness of the newly ploughed field behind my ...

Fight the Good Fight

There are moments, these days, that I don’t understand where I can go to get the energy and motivation to stay open to world developments on so many different fronts. It’s dizzying. So mu...

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