The thing about writing…

I have to confess, I love writing. When I finally sit down and let the words, that have been gathering in my head, flow onto the paper, time stands still for me and I could go on for hours. When I manage to write from the heart, I’m always rewarded by my readers’ responses. And that, again, inspires me to write even more.

book coverI absolutely loved writing my book, Passage of the Stork. The entire story had been gathering in my head – and on scraps of paper – for years. So it took little encouragement to convince me to write it out entirely. Of course it was challenging at times. Some parts of the story, particularly those memories that trigger a feeling of shame, were very hard to write. Finding a voice, a way of telling the story so people would enjoy reading it, was another challenge.

Working with editors and an illustrator were confrontations in themselves, but exhilarating as well. That was a process I learned so much from! And the satisfaction of holding the printed book in my hands is an absolute thrill.

When I tell this to other people, they ask me when the next book is due to appear. And, to be honest, I do have a theme for a next book brewing. Not only brewing but sometimes running amok in my imagination, hammering on the doors, wanting to be let out of my head. There’s only one thing that withholds me from sitting down to the task…

Selling my books is a whole different story. I feel uncomfortable pulling out the old pitch, My book is worth reading, please buy it! and wish it would just sell itself. My publisher’s statement, that the initial run on the book had subsided after about 4 months and it’s now inactive on the market, jolted me back into a reality I had been ignoring. I must find new ways to get the book out of its current inertia and back into circulation. Bah!

The fact that my publisher, Springtime Books, has started a new webshop for their titles, will definitely have a positive influence. I’m very happy they took this step. But I need to reach a wider market than this, which means reaching out to the most influential player on today’s book market: Amazon.

One of the most important tools for online book marketing, and there are many articles that support this analysis, is to have a large number of favorable reviews on the Amazon book page. Amazon uses a complex algorithm to choose the books they recommend to readers. The more 5-star reviews a book has, the more likely Amazon will promote it to someone interested in that type of book.

I have received quite a number of lovely, enthusiastic reviews. Unfortunately, not enough. So this is a shout-out to all my readers. If you have read and enjoyed my book, please go to Amazon, create an account if you do not have one, and tell them how much you liked my book. And if you haven’t read it yet, please order it through one of the booksellers posted on my page More on Passage of the Stork. And then go online and tell Amazon how you liked it. Honestly. I learn from critical reviews as well.

For those of you who have already done this, my deepest gratitude. I’m almost halfway to my target. Once I have sold 200 online copies, I may just sit down and start writing another book.


  1. Hi Maddi,

    When I read your book, I was so touched by it, I sent you an email at the time. I now realize the importance of writing an Amazon review and so I have just done so. As always, my best wishes for your continued success and happiness. Now, get busy and write another book! lol

    Your osprey loving friend,

    Jeanne Kaufman aka Jeanne_FL

  2. Thank you so much Jeanne! I loved your email response, by the way. And I’m very happy you posted an Amazon review!

  3. Mary Lou Gillette

    Hi Maddi
    I am so glad to hear another book stirring in your mind! Like Jeanne, I also wrote a review for Amazon and I will be placing an order for your book to be sent to a dear friend whom I know will appreciate your story very much. I have always thought that she should write her own story! Perhaps this will inspire her to do so. Poetry flows from her as easily as writing does from you!
    These gifts that you have are so appreciated!

  4. Thank you, Malou! I hope your friend will be inspired by the book to write her own story. Keep me posted!

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