The big day is approaching!

De Nieuwe BoekhandelDon’t forget to join me and Monique Burger at the festive launch of Passage of the Stork. We will be celebrating at De Nieuwe Boekhandel in Amsterdam this coming Friday, May 22nd from 16.00 – 17.30.

Niamh Ni Bhroin, the Irish singer and author of The Singing Warrior will provide beautiful musical accompaniment, there will be the opportunity to toast to the succes of the book, that readers have called, inspiring, enchanting, accessible, a page-turner, and a good read. And, of course, I will be signing books.

Passage of the Stork is now available at many online bookstores, both in paperback and e-book versions. You can read more about the availability of the book on More on Passage of the Stork.


  1. Mary Lou Gillette

    Dear Maddi,
    Best wishes for a wonderful evening Friday. I have enjoyed reading about De Nieuwe Boekhandel, and I can see that it will be such a great place to celebrate! I despair that we are losing all the special bookstores like this one here in the states. How I would love to attend your book signing and browse through your bookstore sipping a glass of champagne and listening to the music! I shall most certainly be thinking of you, but alas, must raise my toast from afar!
    Congratulations and love,
    Mary Lou/ Malou

  2. Jeanne Kaufman

    Dear Maddi,
    I wish I could be there to join you at your book signing event. I would love to have you sign my book, and celebrate your success with you! I’m so excited for you, and I’m sure you will have a great time. You certainly picked the perfect person, Niamh Ni Bhroin, to provide your musical accompaniment . She is a kindred soul from what I have read of her. Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success!
    Jeanne (aka Jeanne_FL)

  3. Maddi, I so wish I could be there to see you enveloped by success! I send greetings from too far away.

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