Originally, I wanted to title this blog Compassion. But that feels like such a ‘big’ word. When people start talking about compassion I often suspect pretentiousness. Though they may be honest people, speaking from true wisdom.

And true wisdom is what Stillness, the last of this series of blogs about the 5 Rhythms, is all about. After the freedom, the capacity to be totally in the moment, of Lyrical, you let your movements slow down. You move your attention inwards and listen to the deep silence within. Nothing that needs to be done, you have lived and let go of everything. And in this silence you hear a small inner voice saying, “Everything is perfect. You are perfect as you are.” Which brings you to compassion. Compassion for yourself, peace with that which is.

I wrote a while ago about coming home. This is also a way to come home. I think that one of the reasons that I love dancing so much is that it helps me experience this stillness time and time again. And, by dancing it, I am able to bring it into my daily life more and more.

Stillness is also the rhythm of old age. If you can be at peace with all the choices you have made in the past, old age can be a wonderful period. Gabrielle Roth, founder of the 5 Rhythms, has called it The Silver Desert. Life slows down, quiets down. You can accept your own wisdom and share it with others. After I turned 60, my life has become richer. I love this quality of quietness.

How do you view old age? When can you fully experience stillness?

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