Renewal II

The urge to change continued to nag at me (see my last post). I realized that my website, which consists mainly of my blog, does not reflect how I spend most of my time these days. I am, first and foremost, a nature photographer. But I use a different website to showcase my photos. Not only is that a poor reflection of who I am, but also not very logical. Why pay for two websites? The answer is that I’ve been lazy and have been putting off what seemed to be a very difficult job.

When I first designed the website, I had a counseling practice. The design was geared to promote the practice. Although I have changed a great deal on the site through the years, the core of the site has remained the same. It needed a total makeover.

So I spent a couple of days (and lost a bit of sleep) working out how I could redesign the site so it would be a photography site that also hosts my blog and provides other relevant information. Once I had the design in place, it was time to fill the photo galleries. Those who are familiar with my work know that what I have put up now is just a fraction of what I’ve produced during the past years. That doesn’t matter. I prefer to show the highlights. New photos will follow. In the meantime, I will gradually dismantle the old photography site.

This change feels much more congruent and satisfying to me. So feel free to click on the Home button and browse the rest of the site. I hope you like it. And feel free to let me know!

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