Nurturing growth

After the excitement of the book presentation at De Nieuwe Boekhandel, I felt the comforting exhaustion of a job well done and spent several quiet days, letting body and soul recuperate.

IrisHowever, May is the month of new birth and growth. Flowers are blooming in my garden and newly-fledged little birds flit back and forth at the feeders. My dreams have start filling up with images of small children, calling me to explore what inner urges need care and nurturing.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that it is of essential importance to take good care of myself, both body and soul. As I start feeling age creep into my body, stiffen my joints and play havoc with my energy, I realize I can only face old age if I keep my body as healthy as possible. At least, part of me realizes this. Part of me just wants to have fun and damn the consequences.

There is still very much of the small child inside us, needing nurturing and guidance. And, if we are able to call it forth, there is also an adult inside us. Able to be the wise and caring parent who helps us through the rough spots.

During a beautiful Whitsunday dance workshop with Pauline van Hezik, I found myself calling out to the parent in myself to support me in my effort to stay as healthy and vital as possible in this new stage of my life called “old age”.

I wish you all the joy of the inner child… and the nurturing care of the inner adult.

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  1. It’s definitely a challenge trying to balance what we need to be doing with what we want to be doing! And also realizing that we can’t always do what we once did as efficiently as we once did it!

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