Just keep showing up

This past year, I have had to let go of my beloved 5Rhythms dance practice. At least until my physical therapist has restored the alignment in my fascia network. At least until I have learned not to let other dancers pull me into their dance and out of my own boundaries.

Now, how many times have I written a blog on this topic? Do I ever listen to my own wisdom? Yes, I do… and at times I forget. Most of you probably know by now that living these truths in daily life is more challenging than simply understanding them.

There are always so many things to feel guilty about: not doing enough, doing too much, wanting too much, being too judgmental, not seeing the truth. The truth is, that this is what life is about. We are imperfect. I’m imperfect. Accepting this fact is the first step.

And the next step is to gently, patiently let go of the guilt and bring yourself back to your practice. Whether that practice is: listening to your body, sitting still, paying attention to your own boundaries, or whatever it is you wish to do because you know you will benefit from it. Jack Kornfield describes it as the way you would lovingly train a puppy: “Sit… Stay…” And when the puppy runs off, you gently bring it back and start again. Just keep showing up. Again and again, in the spirit of loving kindness to yourself.

This is what I wish for you in this dark season of the year, when we light our lights and celebrate, each of us in our own way, the advent of love in the world. Just keep showing up.

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