In the flow…

Last Tuesday, a group of women from all over the country came to meet at my place. Four of them, all living up north, decided to drive down together. To do so, one woman needed to catch a train from Groningen to Leeuwarden, where she would be picked up. She missed her train and discovered that she didn’t have a phone number to call to warn them. All she knew, was that they would be picking someone else up in Lelystad. So she decided to trust the universe to cooperate and got onto the first available train to Lelystad. She arrived there at the same moment that the car full of women arrived and joined them. All four of them arrived at my place right on time!

We all know the feeling of being in the flow. Everything seems to happen effortlessly. Everything works together to achieve what you need. Often this seems coincidental – now you see it, now it’s gone. Recently, I find myself discovering that it’s easy to step into the flow and stay there.

I illustrate this with something I wrote about earlier, the 5Rhythms dance meditation. The first rhythm, Flowing, is about the flow. It is the rhythm of connecting to the earth, giving yourself permission to be entirely embodied, without confining thoughts getting in the way. The movement comes from the feet, you allow your feet to carry you across the floor, without thinking, keeping your weight low, following the flow. Trusting that the earth will carry you.

I’m aware that the word trust has popped up in this blog frequently these past months. I become more and more convinced that this is a key word with many different aspects.

It is this same trust, this connection to the ground under your feet, that allows you to enter the flow of life. Letting go of worries, no longer fighting that which you cannot control. Trusting that you will be taken care of. Yes, I know how difficult this is. And I don’t recommend that you let go of all responsibility for your own life. However, to let something flow, you must not grasp it too tightly.

Do you give yourself permission to enter the flow?

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