Faith in the future

Someone asked me to write about having faith in the future. (If you have a theme that you would like me to write about, don’t hesitate to ask me!) I wrote earlier about trusting life. Which requires surrendering the control you would like to have and letting yourself be swept along in the great stream called Life. But, I admit, it isn’t always easy.

Sometimes the things I read or see in the media or see happening around me make me feel somber. When you’re surrounded by poverty, it’s difficult to believe in abundance. However, there lies the key to the answer. Not only trusting that abundance will arrive in your life, even more important is to see the abundance in your life at this very moment. During my darkest moments, I try to remember how much there is in my life to feel grateful for. Of course I can then choose to worry about what more I want. Or worry that I will lose what I have.

But I consciously choose to focus my attention on the present instead of the future. By focussing on everything I may be grateful for, I create a sense of abundance in my life. And that brings me to trust, trust that life will give me exactly what I need.

You can try turning this around and examining fear of the future. Are you sometimes afraid of the future? What is the very worst thing that could happen to you? Why is that so bad? How does it compare to what you have now to be thankful for? How realistic is the fear? What is it that you are really afraid of? Sometimes you need to look your fear in the eyes and acknowledge that it’s there. Breathe through the fear, move through it. And go on living, one day at a time, stopping daily to acknowledge those things you may be grateful for.

What are the things that you are grateful for? Can you trust that life will give you what you need?

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