Last week, I participated in a workshop with the enticing title: The Hero’s Journey. I only knew the people giving the workshop by name. And it became obvious that I wasn’t going to know any of the other participants. But my curiosity drove me on into this unknown territory.

Which is exactly where a hero’s journey begins, I learned. With enough open curiosity to leave the familiar ‘village’ of life as we know it and enter into unknown territory.

A toddler learns to walk out of curiosity. Something calls him to leave the comfort of his mother’s lap and go explore the world. To let go of the safe hand and take steps with his own two feet. Curiosity about the world and, also, trust. Trust that the world is a safe and friendly place.

In this, and the next four blog postings, I will be using the 5 Rhythms, a form of dance meditation, to explore different themes in our lives. In the 5 Rhythms, the first rhythm is Flowing. This is the rhythm of following your feet, wherever they want to go. The rhythm of the child, exploring the world. Dancing the flowing rhythm teaches us to move without fear, trusting the world and trusting our feet.

And the unknown territory of the workshop? Within a day I felt totally at home. At the end of the week I had learned wonderful things and made new friends. Fearlessly following your curiosity can help you find new roads and vistas in life.

How do you teach yourself to move without fear? Do you step into unknown territory, following your curiosity and trusting life? Can you follow your feet?

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