Madeleine Lenagh, photographer, writer, and more...

My photographs are ever born of an inner need – an experience of spirit – I have a vision of life, and I try to find equivalents for it sometimes in the form of photographs.” Alfred Steiglitz

I took up photography when I was 18, but life tended to get in the way, so it remained an occasional hobby. After retirement in 2012, I began to develop nature and landscape photography as a full-time passion. As a firm believer in photographing with respect for nature and wildlife, I’m a member of Nature First, the Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography. 

Occasionally, I write a blog filled with observations on nature and life in general. Because this website is a fresh start, I’m afraid it doesn’t contain previous posts. I apologize for this.

In 2015, I published my autobiography, Passage of the Stork. You can find information about the book and its availability on these pages.

An expat American, I’ve lived in the Netherlands since 1970. I’m a mother and grandmother, a retired project manager, and retired from a practice for life-coaching and counseling. When I’m not out wandering with my camera or writing at my desk, I travel, paint and sketch, study the birds in my garden, and experiment with new recipes in my kitchen. I’m also a voracious reader. Life is never boring.