A new approach

I have been searching for a way to deepen the content of this blog without losing its accessibility. A few weeks in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona has given me the impetus to work the changes.

As a central theme, I would like to use the image of the Talking Stick Circle, also known as Council. The sharing that is done in this traditional way of sitting in council with others is based on four clear intentions:
1. Listen with our hearts
2. Speak from our hearts
3. Get to the heart of things
4. Speak spontaneously

(I have borrowed the description of these four intentions from the book Soulcraft, by Bill Plotkin.)

For me, this embodies the way I would like to be in the world and would like to communicate with others. In a blog, it can be a bit tricky. In spite of my encouragement to react to posts, most of the articles I’ve written have not been commented on (though some kicked up a lively discussion on Facebook). I hope that this can change and that we can start a dialogue going on any and all themes that you feel drawn to.

Another change is that I am going to try to just write in English for a while. Most of my active Dutch readers react to the English texts. And English, my mother-tongue, is the language of my heart. Feel free to react in Dutch, however!

If either of these changes seems a bit too much for you, dear reader, please react and I will try and fit your wishes into the changes.

I hope that we will enjoy a deeper connection to life’s lessons through this blog together!

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